Who We Are

How we started…


In Chicago, our friends from The Power Up Project wanted to set up a new branch in Minnesota. We started out with no guide and no experience, going door to door asking for computers and donations. After a few weeks of work with them we decided to split off to form our own group with our own name.

…Where we are…


After splitting off from The Power Up Project we have been trying to find a way to hit the ground running while still have already started the race. We have donated to Oasis for Youth and the Sejong Academy, and we plan to give to as many organizations as we can!

…Where we can go!


We at Circuit Savers have big goals in mind, we want dozens of both student volunteers and computers coming into help us out. Some of our goals include getting an office space to work out of, having dedicated computers to use for troubleshooting or testing, and to have a larger income to help our volunteers have the best equipment to ensure the computers have the best chance of lasting.